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Intergenerational Activities

Older woman and young girl doing craftsBirchaven offers intergenerational activities through Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center. These activities connect children and seniors to utilize the power of intergenerational learning!

Through our intergenerational partnership, it’s not uncommon to find a grandpa feeding a baby, a grandma rocking a toddler or several preschool children folding clothes with seniors. These intergenerational activities allow children to discover the world, and adults to rediscover it.

Many of the activities provided allow both children and adults to practice motor skills and cognitive skills. The games played through this interaction all serve a purpose and are therapeutic by design, allowing the children and adults to learn from one another and build their skills in this intergenerational setting.

Birchaven Village clients and Julien A. Faisant Adult Day Center clients are able to participate in this special program for both the young and young at heart.

Read more about our intergenerational partnership at www.mackliniginstitute.org